Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
Absolutely nothing. Coinomi is a free wallet.
Most probably it's because you have added a BIP39 passphrase protection but you didn't enabled it throughout the restoration process, so you will have to repeat it.

We have created 2 example wallets to try the restoration process, one has it's recovery phrase protected with a BIP39 passphrase and the other not.
If your restore them and you do it correctly, you will see 2 transactions in each wallet's Bitcoin account.
Ignore that the recovery phrases are short, they are insecure but still valid.

(Press the menu button, then Settings -> Restore wallet -> Restore a wallet)

Wallet 1:
Recovery phrase: area fog genius
No BIP39 passphrase

Wallet 2:
Recovery phrase: teach reason poem
Enter the following BIP39 passphrase: [email protected]

Notice, you will get an empty wallet in the following occasions:

- If you select 'Use a BIP39 passphrase' for the Wallet 1 and enter any passphrase.
- If you don't select 'Use a BIP39 passphrase' for the Wallet 2 or if you enter a different passphrase.
It is possible if you haven't enabled BIP39 passphrase with your recovery phrase. To test it, use this tool with your recovery phrase and look if the addresses in the "Derived Addresses" section match the addresses in your wallet. If this is the case you can restore your wallet with your recovery phrase and set a new password. If however the addresses don't match, you will need to remember your passphrase and enter it to the "BIP39 Passphrase (optional)" field.
You can use this tool to check your passphrase, even while you are off-line.
It will be soon enough, we are working on it.
Yes, provided that it's version 10.2 or newer. Please follow the instructions provided here. The APK for Coinomi is here.
We are planning to release a desktop version of Coinomi for Windows, Linux and Mac in a few months.
Absolutely not, the private keys that control your coins are on your device, not on our servers.
Keep calm! Your funds are 100% safe. As long as your wallet is password protected and you have written down your seed phrase you can restore your wallet on a new device and keep on using your wallet.
We would love to have Coinomi translated to your language please create an account and start translating here or contact us for more.
Unfortunately the Electrum seed is not compatible with BIP32/BIP44 which is essentially what Coinomi implements so no, you cannot import your Electrum seed into Coinomi at the moment, although this might be possible in the future.
Yes, you can.
  1. Go to this recovery phrase tool and enter your recovery phrase.
  2. Look in the Derived Addresses list. Are these addresses yours? If not you have to enter your BIP39 passphrase in the BIP39 Passphrase (optional) field until you get the correct addresses.
  3. Go to the Derivation Path and click BIP32, in the BIP32 Derivation Path field write m/44'/0'/0'
  4. Copy the BIP32 Extended Key that starts with xpriv...
  5. Go to Electrum and then File -> New/Restore
  6. In the Install wizard select Restore a wallet or import keys and press next
  7. Paste your xpriv... key and press next
  8. Set a password and you are done
Yes, you can. Go to the coin of your choice, then click on Settings and you will see an option to import a private key / sweep a paper wallet.
You can extract your keys by entering your seed phrase to this tool. It runs locally in your browser so there's no sensitive information sent across the internet.
You could although sharing keys across HD and non-HD wallets could cause adverse effects when spending the outputs controlled by these keys from the non-HD wallet.
If your family has physical access to your device when you're gone, all they need to know is your password. If they don't, they will also need your seed phrase. It's up to you to choose how you want to pass on this information. Your family is always welcome to drop us a line so we can point them towards the right direction so please make sure you include our contact details along with your instructions.
Absolutely. Coinomi is a decentralized service and the keys for your funds are on your device, not on our servers. On top of that, we're not planning to shut down Coinomi any time soon.
There is a significant amount of work involved in adding new coins. Our goal is to eventually incorporate every major coin into our wallet.